Marbella is glamorous in its own right. Designer boutique’s, high-end luxury hotels, michelin star restaurants, sandy beaches along with the boats at the marina to make you swoon.


When you aren’t dressed up to the nines immersing yourself in the crazy nightlife, in the day you can wander the cobble streets of the old town, or check out the museum’s Marbella has to offer, the Roman villa and many more attractions.
Here is our highlights:


Room with a view

La Ville Marbella hotel. Trendy, spotless, with a Juliet balcony looking over the Charming cobble streets and right in the middle of the Old Town. Rooms / APTS are designed in different styles, including Asian elegance.


Put on your dancing shoes

We spent 4 nights here, celebrating an anniversary and could of stayed longer. 
We drove here from our base in Gaucin. The drive takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half depending on pit stops and traffic.

What to do?

Old town

Marbella isn’t only about the glitz, you also have the history of the Old Town.

It is beautiful, quaint and charming. We loved strolling the pretty streets until our feet were tired. 

Old town charm

Filled with citrus trees, stunning, traditional architecture covered with flowers and creeping Bougainville, cobble narrow streets.

Be sure to see the beautiful traditional church, in Church Lane.

All things bright and beautiful

Plaza de los Naranjos



Known fondly as Orange Square, were you can sit in one of the many bars and restaurants sipping on a vino blanco, scold beer, or munching on delicious tapas.


Or why not shop till you drop at one of the quirky boutiques.



Get lost in this little slice of paradise as you take on a slower pace of life compared to Puerto Banus.


Puerto Banus


A luxurious marina with eye watering over priced bars on the strip. A brash, in your face, party place which you will either love or hate. We had to see it! This is a show offs stage! People dress up to the nines to impress, this is the place to be if you want to be seen. 



Lavish cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s all rev around the streets or cruise slowly by with roofs down, so others can enviously get a glimpse.


The marina is filled with luxurious boats and super yachts. In your mind you will go through your bank balance hoping you can afford one and sail off forever in the twinkling blue of the Mediterranean. Ah to dream.


Parque La Alameda



Why not take a stroll around Parque La Alameda.

It’s a small park, but perfectly formed and a cooling respite from the hustle and bustle. It features an 1792 historic waterfall, as well as traditional, colourful ceramic tiles and glorious well maintained foliage. 


Dali Sculptures




Salvador Dali’s bronzed Sculptures are located at Avenida del Mar. Even though Dali had no connection to the city, he has left a great asset of these surreal images to ponder over.

An open air boulevard exhibition, featuring 10 pieces of spectacular artwork. 

Also at the end of Avenida del Mar, near the waterfront, is artwork by Eduardo Soriano, dedicated to Freedom of speech.


Freedom of speech monument


David’s Place

When the craziness of Puerto Banus has you running for the hills, but you still want to have fun, then you must check out David’s Place!

A bar full of fun and mischief, where you can dress up or use props for some humourous photo ops.

The bar is cosy with living room style seating. Everywhere you look there is giggles to be had.

And, if you’re wondering. The Pina Colada’s are as good as they say they are;)

Muralla Urbana de Marbella

Also known as Muralla del Castillo de Marbella , it is not much of a castle these days but a surrounding wall. The ruin is only a few minutes from Orange Square, so worth a look and a photo if you are in the area.


We were there such a short time,  we didn’t have time to lounge on a beach sipping on a cocktail. However, we found the beaches Río Verde and Duque way to busy for our liking. You could not see the sand for the sunbeds! If you prefer quieter beaches, were people aren’t packed in like sardines, there is many other beaches to choose from. Infact Marbella has a staggering 23 beaches along its coastline, so there is something for everyone.


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