Ireland – Our travels across our native island



Belfast – Born and Bred

Belfast, the capital of “Our wee country” as they say, is alive with good craic, a checkered history, and plenty to keep tourists and locals on the go. Get about on yer  bike  for a bit of exercise and a  geg !




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Horsing around on Murvagh Beach



Donegal – A place close to our hearts

While the hills of Donegal haven’t yet been turned into the gambling den of Ireland, the county has plenty to offer. Beaches, Mountains, towns, villages, great food, and great craic!




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Dingle Peninsula – A trip to see a famous face

For ages we had a desire to go down to the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry. The main aim was always to meet the famous resident dolphin, Fungi. He had arrived in the bay years ago. Indeed, he must have quite liked it as he freely stuck around. 




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Connacht – Mionturas cósta thiar

Before you arrive in the stunning, blessed beauty of Connacht, pronounced Connaught, you may, or not know, that it is known for a higher percentage of Irish language speakers than other parts of the island. As a matter of fact, counties Galway and Mayo have large Gaeltacht (primary Irish language) regions in the province.



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Cork – Family ties and so much Blarney!

As far south as you can go in Ireland, before falling into the sea, is Cork. Indeed, what a beautiful county it is. Brow Head, West Cork, is the mainland’s southern tip with dramatic landscapes that enticed the Star Wars production team.



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Dublin hotels


Dublin – A fair City and a lot of craic

The capital and largest city of Ireland, Dublin’s fair city is located on the east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey. With a rich history and a modern, trendy city combined, it has everything to suit all tastes. 

If you’d like to wander through these cobble streets like Molly Malone, your eyes will feast on what she saw. You will discover Dublin’s musical and literary past, lurking on every corner.



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North Ulster Causeway Coast

The trip up the North Ulster Causeway Coast is high on the tourist agenda. In fact, This is one of the great drives in the world. The road twists and turns, following the rugged causeway coast road from Belfast all the way to Derry. One will pass through many small towns and picturesque villages. Additionally, you will also come across ancient castles, golden beaches, mountains and lush countryside. The headline attraction, of course, is the mythical and geologically wonderous Giant’s Causeway. 


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