Bucharest cold grey to a brighter future

The capital

Bucharest in Southern Romania, is the country’s capital and commercial center. We flew here for a couple of nights, before our main aim, Transylvania, to see Bran Castle, and maybe the count himself!

Out on the town

Bucharest has many buildings left behind from decades of communist rule and they are not pretty, although look and you will still see the faded grandeur of French design Art Nouveau architecture and grand municipal buildings.

Certainly, Bucharest, is a city of hen and stag parties, with lots off pub crawl tours.

Of course there is more to Bucharest than meets the eye, as you come across quirky stores and cafes.


What to see:

Romanian Athenaeum concert hall

An elegant building neoclassical architecture sat on a grassy lawn. The interior is breathtaking. Get a ticket for a concert or sit on the grassy lawn and soak up the atmosphere. Address: Athenaeum Concert hall, Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3


University Square

University Square is right in the centre of the city: There are 4 statues in the square, the most popular one being the bronze statue of the man on the horse, medieval prince Mihai Viteazul. You can also find the Christmas market here. Address: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta 3

Village Museum formerly National Museum of the Village “Dimitrie Gusti”

The Dimitre Gusti is an open air museum which shows traditional Romanian village life, of peasant farms and houses from all over Romania. It is located in the King Michael I Park. 

Village museum

King Michael I Park (Herăstrău Park)

The King Michael I Park park is a great respite from the noisy city. It has good running and walking trails. Herastrau lake, though artificial, is beautiful and serene, it is surrounded by the royal palace and park. There are restaurants in the area with views of the lake. Also don’t forget to check out the fountain and the Japanese gardens.

Revolution Square

In central Bucharest, Calea Victoriei. It was the former headquarters of the communist party. The building is now faded grandeur but worth a see all the same.

Stavropoleos Monastery

Also known as Stavropoleos church  is a beautiful peaceful monastery and when we entered, we felt a great sense of calm. It’s a wonderful oasis from the bustling grey city. It’s completed in stunning brancovan architectural style.

The name Stavropoleos is the genitive case of Stavropolis (Greek, “The city of the Cross”). It is located a few steps from the national bank. Address: Strada Stavropoleos 4, București 030167


The National Museum

The National museum is located in the Royal Palace in Revolution Square. The building is wonderful to walk around, open and airy. It has three art galleries featuring both Romanian Medieval Art Gallery and the Romanian Modern Art Gallery.

Palace of the Parliament

The imposing Palace of Parliament is not the prettiest building, but a must see when in Bucharest. The palace is the heaviest building in the world and cost 3 billion to complete.

Rembrandt Art Centre

Rembrandt art school

A lovely little building, which does workshops for adults and kids. Showcase your creativity by doing painting, drawing or even fashion design. Address: Rembrandt art school, Constantin Budisteanu street no. 6, sector 1

Cercul Militar National

The National military club was built for the officers of the Bucharest Garrison in 1911. Usual checkered history with German and Communist control but now an important part of Romanian military history again.

It is used for functions as well as having a restaurant and terrace open to the public. 

The National Library

The national library houses for Romanian writing. It aims to gather everything and anything written down from and about Romania. 

Bucharest streets

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