Gibraltar – Monkeying around


Not a great welcome lol

Gibraltar is only 6.8 km2 in size and has a population of approximately 32,000 inhabitants. A British Overseas Territory there is border control on arrival. You can park your car up and walk through or alternatively drive through. We took the later option. The queues weren’t that bad, it went quick enough and since we were using our British passport we were ushered across the border smoothly.

We were only here for a day trip like many people, so our time was limited, but we weren’t under too much pressure as we had our own transportation.

What to do in Gibraltar?


Driving alone Gibraltar airport!


Check out the airport! Gilbrater airport is classed as one of the most dangerous airports in the world due to the busy shopping street, which intersects the runway.



But don’t worry, when an aircraft lands or takes off, the road is closed via barriers and traffic lights clearing the runway. You can happily dander across the runway when open!


The Rock of Gibraltar


Off course the Rock is the main attraction in Gibraltar and most other sights revolve around this magnificent monolithic limestone promontory.

There is a paid, open car parking facility right beside the cable car sight. 

Go early to avoid the crowds. The line gets long quickly and there is no shade from the hot sun.



You can choose to hike up the Rock, take the cable car or drive. We choose the cable car, for quickness sake, which only took approximately 5/6 minutes. There was about 10 people in our car, however the car can manage up to 30 people


The car jerked and shook a little as my heart was in my mouth, but I have to say, if you’re brave enough to open your eyes, you will be rewarded with absolutely breathtaking sights. These views will almost make you forget you are 412 m above sea level!



The cable car  costs approximately £17 per adult for return journey.


The Monkey’s


As you arrive up via the cable car, you will immediately see the monkey’s. They are huge and naughty! As we exited the car, a big boy jumped on a man’s back carrying a baby.  There was mayhem and squealing as the other monkeys got excited as well, with the panic of the people, including myself. We all ran passed grabbing on to one another in a frenzy.


Know where the escape route is lol

I actually haven’t laughed so much, but I was scared at the same time lol. (No one was hurt on the experience).


Knox and ape


There are monkeys as you walk to many advantage points. Infact there’s loads of them! Great for selfies. They aren’t shy. I’d advise not to bring bags or food, as this will entice the monkey’s to be naughty even more. They like to grab things, even sunglasses!


The vista 


Off course you didn’t come all the way up on a shaky cable car, not to see the views.



From every angle, the vista is awe-inspiring.



You will be clicking your camera until your hearts content!  You can even see Africa on a clear day!



If you purchase the Nature reserve ticket, be sure to pave the Skywalk, if your nerves can take it! The glass protrudes out to the scary edge. In 2018 the Skywalk was opened by Mark Hamill, AKA Luke Skywalker!



Moorish Castle

Climb right to the top of the steps to the castle and you will be in awe of the amazing views over the town and runway.

There’s not much left of the castle, but gates, fortified walls and a few rooms, with the most interesting features being the Tower of Homage and the Gate House.

The construction of the Moorish Castle was commenced in the 8th century AD, although this could be earlier. As there’s no records it’s difficult to find out when it was actually completed to. Definitely worth a look if your legs can manage the steep hill!

The cannons

You can go to the Army museum (100 Ton Gun Napier of Magdala Battery) and see the 100 ton old artillery gun overlooking the Bay of Gibraltar. It’s a small interesting museum. Entry is approximately £3.



We spotted a smaller cannon close to the cable car car park, which was free.


Shopping in Gibraltar



Tax free, you can be sure to find bargains in Gibraltar. And, here British pounds are accepted. It’s weird to see familiar stores, like Topshop, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons etc in a sunny country! You could never get homesick here, as everything is at hand on Main Street!

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